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Glaucophane "Que Sera Stone"

Semi-Precious Beads

Glaucophane "Que Sera Stone"

$ 7.85

Glaucophane, common amphibole mineral, a sodium, magnesium, and aluminum silicate that occurs only in crystalline schists formed from sodium-rich rocks by low-grade metamorphism characteristic of subduction zones.

Glaucophane relaxes tense muscles and helps to improve flexibility, as well as improving the metabolism and liver function. A stone that can be a support to the being that can be emotionally sensitive, insecure or low in self-esteem. Glaucophane brings grounding, confidence and courage.

Glaucophane is a mineral with variations of grey, blue, lavender and black. It is found in many mountainous areas around the world. It is known as the 'que sera stone' in the new age crystal world.

Sold in 15.5" - 16" Strands

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