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Swarovski Crystal DIY News

Sam Kim

Swarovski has decided to change their strategic direction and not continue support for the DIY Crystal Market. This means that Rhinestones, Beads, Pendants, Chandelier, and crystal findings will be discontinued after May 2021. 

From what we were told Swarovski will still make certain products and colors after May 2021 but will not be allowed to call it "Swarovski". 

What does that mean for our supplies?  We have been stocking up on as much Swarovski components since the news broke out. We have enough stock to get us through the Christmas season and beyond but as it gets harder for us to fulfill items we will start transitioning over to Preciosa and our Sunstone Crystals. 

The advantages to Preciosa Crystals is that they are around 30% less expensive with almost the same brilliance. The downside is that they do not make as many colors or variations of components. Hopefully this will change in the future. 

Our House Brand Sunstones are Crystals procured throughout Europe and Asia. They can be 40-70% less expensive.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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